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Secrets of Closing the Sale‎

“The world of selling is often the exact opposite of the world of athletics. I fought in the ring for two years. As a matter of fact, the only reason I quit was my hands—the referee kept stepping on them! One of the first things the coach taught me when I got into the ring was, “Zig, find the opponent’s weakness and exploit it; find out where his defenses are weak and capitalize on them; take advantage of him.” In football, the quarterback is told to probe, to find out where the other team is weak and exploit that weakness. In athletic competition you look for the opponent’s weakness so you can exploit it. In the world of selling you look for the opponent’s (prospect’s) weakness (need) so you can strengthen it by selling him your goods or services. Yes, the sales process is something we do for the prospect and not to the prospect. Conclusion: If you are truly professional, you will seek every legitimate means for persuading the prospect to take action for his or her benefit.”

― from “Secrets of Closing the Sale”

Secrets of Closing the Sale

by Zig Ziglar