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The Single Most Important Step To Fast-Track Your Success In 2017

‎It’s the end of 2016, a slice of time we will never get back. What did you commit to accomplish at the beginning of 2016? What did you see yourself doing and/or becoming? Have you accomplished what you intended?

Vision is a fool-proof way to shape the future of your business and life. I’ve used a vision board to launch my business 10 years ago. It helped me define my ideal client, get married and start a family. Vision doesn’t require capital, investors, or employees. It only cost you time and the courage to articulate your dreams and aspirations.

Research backs up the power of visualization. A study by TD Banks surveyed more than 1,100 people and 500 small business owners and discovered that “visualization practices” such as vision boards and simply a collection of images and photos related to a goal were highly effective. 67 percent of those surveyed believed the images of their goals will improve the odds of achieving them.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and less than energized about 2017, vision is the single most important step to fast-track your success.

Vision gives you clarity, direction, and resolve to see an idea transform into reality. The process of discovering your vision need not be overwhelming. Here are a few simple steps to help you get a head start on creating your vision for 2017 and beyond.

1. Unplug and rest – Less than six hours a night of sleep can leave you cognitively impaired. Sleep is an essential performance enhancer. Sleep in, take a nap, or schedule a mini vacation and recognize sleep as essential to visioning. Disconnect from social media and reconnect with silence. Giving your body and mind the opportunity to recharge.

2. Give yourself space – There is nothing wrong with wanting to get more out of life. In this pursuit, you may have become accustom to packing as much as possible into each day. Although, you may feel productive, this leaves very little breathing room. Give yourself permission to have no scheduled plans or time. Give yourself space to dream, think, and create. This will give you the opportunity to articulate your vision by exploring new possibilities and opportunities.

3. Create a vision board – Vision boards work. It doesn’t have to be formal. It can simply be a collage of pictures, colors, words, and images that articulate your vision of where you see yourself going. Right now, I challenge you to see yourself successful in a way that is far beyond your current reality. What do you see for 2017? What are the three things that you dream of launching, creating, or doing? Don’t just think about it, visualize it.

Time is the great equalizer for everyone. No matter how much money, fame, or education you may have, no one can buy more time. You and I can miss our only opportunity to achieve our goals when we lack vision. Getting to the finish line isn’t by accident it is by intention.

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