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Are you “emptying your tank?”

My coaching style as a manager was enhanced by these words from Jon Stewart, the former anchor of The Daily Show before Trevor Noah took over.

This is Jon Stewart’s view on Bruce Springsteen after watching him at a concert in 2009.

“But that is not the power of Bruce Springsteen. It is that whenever I see Bruce Springsteen do anything, he empties the tank – every time. And the beautiful thing about this man is that he empties that tank for his family, he empties that tank for his art, he empties that tank for his audience, and he empties it for his country. And we, on the receiving end of that beautiful gift are ourselves rejuvenated, if not redeemed, and I thank you.”

Now I empty my tank every time I intervene with my sales managers, team leaders or sales consultants.
I make sure that I don’t leave them feeling that I could have done more for them.
I immerse myself in them. I show them I care. No half measures.
Listen attentively, question effectively. Impart my wisdom.
Personally I show them that sales is my obsession.