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Drill down while peeling off layers

When handling an objection, make sure that you start by deflecting the objection that the prospect had mentioned back to the prospect in the form of a question.

E.g Prospect: “I have an existing funeral plan”

You: Mr Prospect, do I hear you correctly when you say you have an existing funeral plan?”

This is a vital step in the sales process because the client likes to hear that his concern or reason has been heared before you respond.

Too often sales agents respond without giving the prospect the relief that his concern had been acknowledged.
This step also helps build trust.

The next step is to start peeling the layers off the reason that he says he cannot buy now.
The whole idea is to get to the core of the reason.
Often it is not the real reason. So you unpeel by asking questions and building benefits using the features.
And, if it is the real reason that he cannot buy, then you need to reduce that reason to a reason why he should buy.

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