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Stephen Covey’s 4 Intelligences

Covey’s concept is interesting because it deals with all four parts of human nature: body, mind, heart, and spirit. Here are the 4 intelligences: Physical intelligence (PQ) Our ability to maintain and develop our physical fitness. It corresponds to body. Mental intelligence (IQ) Our ability to analyze, reason, think abstractly, use language, visualize, and comprehend. It corresponds to mind. Emotional intelligence (EQ) Our self-knowledge, self-awareness, social sensitivity, empathy and ability to communicate successfully with others. It corresponds to heart. Spiritual intelligence (SQ) Our drive for meaning and connection with the infinite. It corresponds to spirit. I like this concept of intelligence because it clearly shows that we need to develop and balanceallparts of our life, something I firmly believe. Do you know which of the 4 intelligences is considered the most important by Covey? The answer is spiritual intelligence. Why? Because spiritual intelligence “becomes the source of guidance of the other three”.

Turn the Pressure on without turning your prospect Off

The most important pressure your prospect must feel from you is that you are making sense about why he should buy. He should be thinking “ man you are right.” That kind of pressure is a nudge. Frequent nudges in the form of test closes. He should not be feeling any other pressure from you where it is felling like a push. That is when you become billed as a high pressure sales person. And, if you did manage to sign the person up, buyers remorse and regret and cancellation of services or product or premiums is more likely to happen.