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Stephen Covey’s 4 Intelligences

Covey’s concept is interesting because it deals with all four parts of human nature: body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Here are the 4 intelligences:

  • Physical intelligence (PQ)
    Our ability to maintain and develop our physical fitness. It corresponds to body.
  • Mental intelligence (IQ)
    Our ability to analyze, reason, think abstractly, use language, visualize, and comprehend. It corresponds to mind.
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ)
    Our self-knowledge, self-awareness, social sensitivity, empathy and ability to communicate successfully with others. It corresponds to heart.
  • Spiritual intelligence (SQ)
    Our drive for meaning and connection with the infinite. It corresponds to spirit.

I like this concept of intelligence because it clearly shows that we need to develop and balanceallparts of our life, something I firmly believe.

Do you know which of the 4 intelligences is considered the most important by Covey? The answer is spiritual intelligence. Why? Because spiritual intelligence “becomes the source of guidance of the other three”.