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How the Fear of Rejection is Manifested

The fear of rejecton is manifested in your reluctance to cold call; the reluctance to pick up the phone and dial; the seereluctance to add one more dial when things are tough and you feel that you have called enough.

It is also manifested in your fear of clsoing and asking for the sale.

It is manifested in your need for approval.

You feel that sales is about making friends and less about making customers.

You don’t like to hurt other people’s feelings by asking them for the close and putting pressure on them.

You feel that they-the prospect- should know best, and you don’t know best.

If you are sales manager, you will identify the above in your sales person’s consistent pattern of excuse-making; lack of confidence, not a self-starter; always in need of and asking for motivation; squealing about the leads/data; no momentum; and off course- no sales.