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The Status Quo is your greatest Sales Killer

The status quo is when the customer is still in the state of mind, commitment or understanding before your intervention with him.

The most important part of the sales process is moving the sales process forward. Whether you are busy on a sales or in between sales calls with the same prospect, you must make sure that something has changed.

By that I mean:

During the presentation- get some “small yeses” that will lead to the final yes; get some agreement as to the feel of the product, the fulfilment of a need or desire; gain some small wins.

If you could not close the sale in that call, then make sure that you have a firm, committed schedule for the next meeting.

Make sure that the prospect understands what he needs to have for the next meeting; and make sure he knows what you are going to show/bring/ feedback.

Also, let him know that sooner or later you are going to close.