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The human buying process

Note that i did not say the human selling process.
The reason is because it’s not about you but the prospect.

To many times sales people place to much emphasis on themselves.
They focus on how much time they are investing/wasting on the prospect; the targets that they need to meet; the inability to control their emotions in the face of rejection; their manager putting too much pressure on them; etc, etc, etc.
Once you understand these steps of the human buying process, you are half way to success.

These are steps that involve a psychological decision making process on the part of the prospect and something that we as sales people need to be aware of and control.

Many sales people today disregard this buying process and don’t identify the steps properly. As a result many of them miss/jump certain steps without making sure that the customer is with them in this process and will be with them when they close. That is the reason many sales people don’t close a sale-because the prospect is still the INTEREST stage. They mistake interest for buying signal and prematurely try to close the sale.

With these steps of the buying process it is your job to move the prospect from stage to stage.

The first crucial step in this process is to eliminate Fear. You need to understand that all potential prospects have a certain fear within them when approached by a sales person.
You then move them from fear to CURIOSITY in your introduction.
While in your intro you make them curious so that they want to listen to you to hear more.

You then get to the presentation part and here you need to gain their INTEREST.

Still in the presentation, you lay out the features and benefits of your service or product. You ask questions, you answer questions and expect objections. This is the EVALUATION stage. The prospect evaluates his current state of affairs against what you propose.

If you are doing a good job you then get the prospect to the DESIRE stage. At this stage you may find busying signals. If you act properly on them, your final step/stage of the buying process will be the AGREEMENT step where you ask for the sale.

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