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All entrepreneurs are D*CKS

Entrepreneurs are a particular breed. You cannot easily explain what makes an entrepreneur successful. Some say it is an innate trait to be successful-they are born with it. I say that entrepreneurs dance to their own drum beat. They are each unique.

This article is not the silver bullet of what makes a successful entrepreneur, but my take after examining several successful business people.

They are DEDICATED. They will not stop until they are done. There are no half measures neither a loss of focus. They don’t have “Plan Bs” and neither do they have an exit plan. They are committed to the task and purpose of their business.

Will there be distractions? Yes, but they are able to identify a distraction and move on. Their dedication to the business is like a faithfulness that makes sure that they stick with their “baby” through thick and thin.

Their dedication relies on a belief system of success-in-small- doses.

They are INQUISITIVE. For an entrepreneur intelligence is no prediction for success. Some may be intelligent but is not necessarily their intelligence that gets them ahead.

Most of their knowledge is gained through being inquisitive. So inquisitive that they read, ask questions, watch, research and listen to all lessons, tips, studies, whitepapers and people that can assist them to get ahead as an entrepreneur. And when they learn they apply their knowledge. You know what I mean.

Remember some of your friends from school who were “the least likely to succeed?” Less intelligent than you? Suddenly later in life they are more successful than you.

They are great CONNECTORS. Whether it is connecting with people or connecting the dots, they always see the bigger picture.

With regard to people, they don’t burn their bridges or rule out any relationships that they may have with the person in the future. They even create connections with competitors understanding that no man is an island.

Remember in pre-school/ grade R where the teacher gave you a task to connect all the dots and when the dots were connected it was an animal? That is what an entrepreneur does. He is able to connect the dots as he goes along. And, he continually looks back as he goes forward to make sure it’s taking the correct shape. He understands that the bigger, end picture is going to be perforated with bumps (dots) and he doesn’t expect the picture to be one with flowing lines.

They have a KNACK. Successful entrepreneurs don’t start businesses because their friends started something and are doing well.

They don’t look at other people and say “I can do that,” “I can do a better job,” “I am so jealous.” They don’t start a business because of a blurred, superficial vision of riches or because they have some money to invest in a business that “may” do well.

Successful entrepreneurs are those that start or pursue a venture that they are passionate about. And how do they identify passion? It is something that comes easy to them. Something that naturally energises and excites them.

Whatever they start or pursue, they will be successful because they have a certain Knack. What does knack mean? It means a particular skill, talent, flair and even aptitude. They may have a knack at seeing opportunities, a knack at communication, a knack at negotiation; a knack at numbers or being creative. Even a knack for attracting the correct support structure and team. Their particular knack/s is correlated with the venture they pursue.

A successful entrepreneur’s life is full of sacrifices. They sacrifice for the end result. Whatever they sacrifice they will do so for the achievement of the end result. They will sacrifice sleep, unnecessary socialising for the sake of doing so; sacrifice pleasure, freedom, privileges and rights all for the greater good. They will not do this in a selfish manner but almost in a divine way. They will sacrifice conspicuous consumption for ploughing profits into their business for future “value” rather than short-term “veneer.”

So to sum it up. All entrepreneurs are DICKS. They are:




have a Knack

and Sacrifice.