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Close, close, close

The wife and I walked into a furniture store the other day looking for a set of dining room chairs. Did we have a budget? Perhaps but we did not tell the sales person.

He too us around the shop showing some chairs. Tested some of them, sat on them, gave some buying signals like “wow  this one is more comfortable than that one.”

We commented on the material and said something like “I think that colour will coordinate well with the curtains and the current colour scheme.”

After we were done, we said we would like to take some time to decide. Oh yes, when I say “after we were done,” whose prerogative is it to say when “we are done?” Is it us or the sales person? The reason I reflect on this is because when we walked in the store, into the territory of the sales person, it is his duty to say ” when we are done.” Because when we walked in, the sales process started. Check out this article later.

And part of the sales process ensures that he attempts to close.

Don’t ever let the prospect get away with a “let me think about it.”

He walked into your territory. You drive the sales process, not him. You will close and not let him have the last word by saying he will like to think about.

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