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7 Reasons Sales People Fail

Sales is undoubtedly a tough job. Out of the thousands of sales representatives, only 40 percent will consistently hit their sales targets, while the other 60 percent will fail to close deals. There's no doubt that there are great sales professionals and mediocre ones. But what differentiates them? Why do some sales people succeed while others fail? Here are some of the reasons why some reps just can't close deals. 1. Poor Listening Skills New and mediocre sales people will simply do sales presentations instead of determining what their prospects actually want and why. Their sole focus is on "pitching" their offerings to clients. They think that if they drill down hard enough and push hard enough, they'll get the sale. But all this leads to is resentment. Prospects feel disrespected and neglected when it's clear that the sales rep only cares about the sale, and not their needs. The best sales pros have great listening skills. They listen to the needs of the clients: their pain points, their desires, their objections, and their concerns. They ask the right probing questions and actively listen to the answers, which offer insights into the prospects' wants and desires. Through active listening, they can then better meet their clients' needs, while also making them feel cared for and valued at the same time. 2. Poor Organizational Skills Sales reps with poor organizational skills will not only have trouble generating new business but will also likely end up losing business because of poor follow-up and follow-through. There is a tremendous amount of research to do in sales. The best sales professionals understand that they need to know their prospects, their businesses, their competition, and their industry inside and out. And they take the time to learn this information ahead