I have been in the sales industry for the last 24 years. No other industry, only sales.
I failed; I succeeded; I made mistakes; I made money; I learnt lessons.
I have led and managed sales consultants and sales managers. I also worked under some great and successful managers. My success and mistakes that I have learnt are imparted in all of my courses.
Besides imparting skills and knowledge in my relevant courses, I focus a lot on teaching correct behaviour and quality thinking to ensure all round success.
I recruited thousands of candidates during my career in the call centre industry. I also trained thousands of candidates; trained and developed managers and supervisors. So my content and delivery is high impact.
I have been an account manager and business development manager. As a result some of my courses focus on negotiations skills, presentation skills, building a pipeline, how to become a trusted advisor.
I am also a disciple of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of highly successful people. Most of my courses are embedded with these principles and is the impetus for anyone wanting sustainable, empowering solutions to their success.
I believe that I am a mentor first. I cannot expect to teach or coach others to behave or act in a certain manner if I have not done so first.
My passion for learning and development has led me to create an e-learning portal called Sky Notes which focuses on affordable e-learning.
I also created an online and online tutoring site called Sky Tutor offering learners to be tutored without leaving home. Click HERE
And last but not least, my mission to assist those in attaining a quality life led me to create the Mindstrong digital daily planner which you can synchronise across all devices e.g laptops, PCs, tablet and smartphone.
So why wait, give me a shout.
082 4133 972


No generic training. All training requests are adapted and customised for the company or industry needs. We will go through a needs analysis first. Companies- we will not break what’s working for you. Just supplement it.

My courses and material are aligned to world class standards and I am committed to empowering individuals, organisations, businesses and companies so that they can perform and behave accordingly.

We don’t leave the candidates high and dry and say “so long” after classroom training is over. All candidates will have access to the Sky Notes platform(Click here to visit Sky Notes) to ensure continuous development and embedding of learning through tests and assignments.

Speaker for corporates, small businesses, organisations, institutions, schools and colleges. Topics on entrepreneurship, personal effectiveness and relationships, life mastery and your money blueprint.


Sales Training

Our sales training is geared towards everyone in the sales industry. Call centre consultants, retail sales consultants, field sales agents, account managers, and anyone that depends on “influencing and persuading.” Prospecting, getting the appointment, presentation skills, the sales process, closing skills, objection handling; to name just a few.

Leadership and Coaching

This is a 360 degree course. For all managers. It focuses on personal development, communication skills, recruiting and building your team, management and leadership skills, analytical skills, coaching and mentoring. This course focuses on getting the best from others in your care. Course also includes the assertiveness and conflict management training.

Assertiveness and Conflict management training

This course is all about personal effectiveness in your career or work environment and also in your social space. This course will leave you with “aha” moments when we focus on your behavior and what is needed to ensure effective relationships. We will also test your assertiveness levels.

Excel training

Get ahead in your career with Excel training that is crucial for reports, spreadsheets, analysis and analytical skills.

FAIS RE training

Our RE 5 exam preparation course can be in a class room situation or through e-learning. Or you can choose blended learning- class room and e-learning.

Personal development workshops

A quality life needs quality thinking and appropriate behaviour and action. This course will assist in you living a principle centred life, finding your life’s purpose, prioritising and ultimately living your life to its fullest potential.